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A List Of Frequently Asked Question:

General Questions

1. How Do I Justify Your Services For My Online Marketing Budget?
Because it is no longer useful just to have a website. What you need now is traffic to your website. How is your targeted market going to find you with billions of websites on the internet? Here is where packages come in. We build popularity to your website so that you stand out amongst the crowd!

2. Will Google Penalize My Website For Using Your Link Building Packages?
We have been in this industry for a long time. We use strategies that Google loves and the links we build are safe from any algorithm updates

Content Writing Services

1. Why Choose Our Content Writing Services ?

We are very particular about writing 100% original content. Our articles, blogs, press release, eBooks and website content are persuasive, creative, unique to target your customers.

2. What Is Your Turnover Time?
Our team of writers will take 1.5 weeks to write 5-10 articles.

3. Do You Have Samples Of Your Work?
Yes, just email us for the samples.

4. Any discount if I want 100 pages or more?
Of course! But first, be sure to try our smaller package services first before ordering in bulk from us.

5. How do I pay for the services?
Just click on the order button and pay for our service via PayPal.

6. Do I get exclusive rights to the content?
Yes, you will have 100% ownership rights to all of your content. We write the content, and once it is paid for you will have all rights to do whatever you want with it. We will never re-use or re-sell that content.


Link Building Services

1. Are These Links Permanent?
Yes, the links we built are permanent, if not, we will replace it for up to a 3 month period.

2. Will My Website Be Banned When I Buy Links?
Yes if your links are not properly built right. However, you can be assured we build your links manually and naturally. Your links will not red-flagged as “paid” or “spam.”

3. How Long Should I Expect To See Results?
As we build your links using white-hat methods (manually and safely), the results will not be immediate. Most of our clients see results within 2-3 months.

4. Do You Support Adult Type Sites?
Unfortunately no, we are a kids friendly service provider

Design Creation

1. Why Should I Have A Custom Facebook Fan Page?
Facebook is the perfect place to promote and showcase your business. Having a professionally designed custom Facebook business fan page allows you to stand out from your competitors and maintain a professional look and feel of your brand.

2. What Is Your Turnover Time?
Our designers will take up to 2 weeks to create a professional design for your Twitter, Fanpage or Infographics


Video Marketing

1. What Is The Importance Of Video In SEO?
Most search engines offer top listings for videos and websites with videos enjoy good ranking for searches.

2. How Can Our Video Marketing Help?
The videos we create will prompt your target customers to take immediate action.

3. Why Do You Offer Only 1 Revision?
Video revisions are much tedious and harder to make and it requires a lot of time and effort on our video maker. Hence we offer only 1 revision and charge $100 per revision after.

Social Media

1. Are Your Likes, Views, Shares, +1 Votes Genuine?
Absolutely! We only use the highest quality REAL accounts to like, view, share and +1 your website, Fan Page etc.

2. Why Does Traffic From Social Media Websites Convert Poorly?
Firstly, you should never assume social media sites provide moneymaking opportunities. Social media exist to connect and to share content that with friends and communities. You can leverage on it to build stronger blog or website, you can indirectly make money. Moreover, social media users’ attention span are usually shorter. If your content isn’t interesting, they will move on quickly.

3. If Social Media Traffic Converts Poorly, Why Is It Worth My Time?
Of course! In this day and age, every business needs social media for brand recognition, exposure and social approval from their own customers. Plus, it can increase search engine traffic through link building.


Can’t find the answer you are looking for? Email us!


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